Passing on wealth

Security for future generations

After a lifetime of building your wealth up, you now need to figure out a plan to preserve it and pass money down to future generations. That’s where planning ahead really matters, and you can focus on securing a better financial future for your family.

We’ll help you with…

Making confident decisions

These are some of the biggest choices you’ll have to make. You want to be assured that your arrangements work for everyone, including yourself.

Gifting to loved ones

You’d like to look after your family to the best of your ability, while looking after yourself. But how much can you afford to gift while you’re still reliant on your wealth?

Protecting your estate

This is your legacy, and you want your family to benefit from it. You’d like to keep it protected so it provides security once you’re gone.

Careful tax planning

You know that there are legitimate ways to reduce tax liabilities, but you just don’t know the ins and outs. That’s where a qualified adviser steps in…

Our services

Inheritance Tax planning

Our team will help you manage any Inheritance Tax liabilities so that more of your money ends up with loved ones. We’ll also establish any gifting strategies so your loved ones can benefit from a regular income that’s tax-efficient.

Estate planning

You want to ensure your money is passed on in the right way. We’ll ensure this happens whilst minimising the tax payable. We’ll also take into consideration any arrangements that will be needed in case you ever need to enter care.

Later-life planning

Trust us to help you make confident decisions about what will happen further down the line and the implications on your family. Leaving a legacy is just as important to us as it is to you and we’ll help establish what this looks like.

Business relief

If we establish that you can qualify, our advisers will help maximise the benefits of business relief on your Inheritance Tax bill at either 50% or 100%. This is a valuable form of tax relief and our advisers will do their utmost to put you in a good position.

Your journey

We’re a small and personable team, and this shines through in the service we deliver to our clients. We follow a five-step process which has your goals at the centre of all the work to do. We’ll do everything to ensure you reach them.

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What our clients say

"I decided I needed some financial advice on my investments, I was recommended Jon by my son whom had had dealings with him. Jon’s advice was to consolidate my investments in one place which would be easier to control. I had held these investments since about 1998. This proved to be the right call. This was of great benefit as we needed to help my youngest daughter purchase her first house. Jon’s advice and help made this possible, and I am very grateful to him."

David Gutcher

Client since: 2020
"We needed legal advice as we had funds to invest and asked our bank for a recommendation. The bank manager recommended Anderson Financial Ltd and introduced us to Joe. Joe presented us with various options and the risks involved. Personally I was most impressed because Joe explained everything very clearly. He regularly kept us updated with how our investments were doing and recommended other options when necessary. We have always felt very safe and relied entirely on the company. We have recommended Anderson Financial to some of our friends who are equally happy after many years. We have been a customer for nearly 20 years!"

Kirsti Harewood

Client since: 2003
"I initially approached Jon Mulshaw at Anderson Financial for ways to reduce Inheritance Tax. Following on from his advice and valuation for death duties, I was introduced to one of Anderson's contacts specialising in equity release. I have subsequentially raised money to help my three children by taking out a Lifetime Mortgage on my property. Jon also gave me a lot of help writing a life policy into trust and investing in a tax efficient ISA. All of which should reduce the amount my family will have to pay in tax, whilst also giving them an immediate benefit."

Mr Watson, Teddington

Client since: 2021
"In 2011 I was introduced to Joe Anderson by my brother who had known him for many years. I had sold my house and had some capital to invest in order to increase my income. Since then my capital has maintained its value to within a few thousand pounds despite a considerable sum being taken out each year. Joe’s integrity, reliability and expertise have given me complete confidence in his judgement."

Linda Bywaters – Reigate, Surrey

Client since: 2013
"I was introduced to Joe Anderson in 2020 and was greatly in need of expert financial advice due to a complex situation with my investments. Since then Joe has proved invaluable in spotting unforeseen opportunities and has increased my tax-free income by a substantial amount. Ably supported by Jon Mulshaw, Joe has demonstrated a high level of integrity and competence. As his client I have appreciated his personal approach and understanding of my financial situation and he enjoys my full confidence."

Reginald Haley – Bletchingley, Surrey

Client since: 2020
"I've been with Anderson Financial Ltd for the past seven or eight years, but I wish I'd run across them many years before that. Dealing with Joe and Jon has been a revelation, not just because they've greatly improved my potential retirement income but because it's extremely reassuring to talk directly to proven experts with the patience to keep you in the loop. I'm with them for life."

Steve Cropley

Client since: 2014
"Jon and Joe are both high trust individuals with the attention to detail you would hope for in your financial advisors. They have been managing our pensions for years and spent ages getting to the bottom of my mother’s convoluted investments and trusts, simplifying their management while improving her IHT position. We have referred them to colleagues and employees and would do so again. Jon recently took the time to visit my mother and walked us through a new HMRC reporting requirement that I wasn’t aware of and showed us what we needed to do for trusts they aren’t managing. They have repeatedly gone above and beyond what was expected, their customer service is excellent. I would thoroughly recommend them."

Brian S, Battersea

Client since: 2016
"I and my family have been investing with Anderson Financial Ltd for over 5 years now and I honestly could not have chosen a better organisation to work with. The Anderson Financial team have always made me feel valued regardless of the amount invested and have met my needs time and time again. They are transparent, easy to communicate with  and have consistently kept me in the loop without the jargon that comes with Financial investments. I cannot fault their professionalism and the work they have done for us."

Nimu Chikhlia

Client since: 2016

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